Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Restaurant?

Ysocial-networking (1)ou’ve heard it a thousand times before. “Social Media is a crucial tool for your restaurant”. There is an undeniable truth to this statement. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a strong link between you and your customer. It is often the crucial first touch-point between each party, it is a great means of getting your restaurant’s name out there, and is a great way of promoting events or new menu items. Social media is highly interactive, allows for feedback from customers, is easy to manage, and provides an affordable means of advertising and promotion. However, setting up and managing social media profiles can be very time consuming, and it is important to consider a number of crucial factors before simply rushing on to every major social media platform on the web.

Need help deciding which social media platforms are right for your business? Here are some important considerations:

Who is your target market?

Investing time and money is only worthwhile if it is effective in reaching your restaurant’s target market. However, some social media platforms are more popular for some demographic or geographic segments then they are for others. For instance, it has been found that 53% of young adults have an active Instagram profile, as opposed to just 11% of consumers aged between 50-64. It is important to note that in Australia, the mass amount of consumers have an active Facebook profile. This implies that if the target market is not highly refined, or particularly broad, Facebook is always a safe bet.

What do you want to achieve on social media?

Each social media platform services different needs for businesses. Facebook has a highly comprehensive advertising system, and has a very large amount of users, which is ideal for generating awareness for your restaurant. Want to show off new menu items? Instagram or Pinterest services your needs well. Want to interact with your customers, respond to feedback and share messages? Then Facebook and Twitter is ideal for these purposes.

What resources and skills are available to you?

Most social media platforms are highly user-friendly. While each platform has more technologically-advanced components, for the most part they are designed for ease of use for the average user. However, some aspects of social media marketing do require access to certain skills and resources. For instance, In order to maintain professionalism, uploading images of food items to Instagram or Facebook would probably require access to a quality camera, and perhaps even a skilled photographer. One important resource that you must have is time. Managing social media profiles requires a high level of commitment & consistency, which can be very time consuming for typically time-poor restaurant owners. For this reason, you may need to critically analyse the benefits and downfalls of each platform, and decide on one or two platforms which will serve your restaurant the best.

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