The Challenges of the Modern-Day Restauranteur – What are They and How can HIN Group help you Overcome them?

Today’s food & beverage industry is more challenging then ever before – just ask any one of Sydney’s many restauranteurs. As Sydney’s hospitality industry continues to grow, more and more restaurants are popping up every day. Along with this, the movement towards the internet means restaurants not only compete with other local establishments, but with venues all over Sydney for share of wallet. Furthermore, the epic rise of interactive food blog sites, social media, and customer review websites has shifted the power to diners, who can share opinions, communicate directly with restaurants, and rate past dining experiences for the benefit of fellow consumers.

In this hyper-competitive and challenging hospitality landscape, it is harder than ever to draw customer interest and attention. So, how can you make sure that your restaurant not only stays afloat, but thrives in this environment?

Unfortunately, while providing quality cuisine and a memorable dining experience is crucial, it often doesn’t quite cut it. There are countless fantastic Sydney venues that have struggled due to an inability to draw in customers. This is where HIN Group can help. Our team have the skills, knowledge, and resources to make sure that your restaurant shines bright.

Here’s a few ways we can work together:

  1. Website design and SEO: A website is often one of the first touch points between you and a potential customer. We can make sure that your website is engaging, informational, interactive, and memorable. Also, we are search-engine optimisation experts, and can implement strategies that will ensure your website is found by consumers in the overloaded internet environment.
  2. Social Media: Let’s be honest. Anyone can create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. However, it is a lot more difficult to make sure that these accounts are optimised and integrated in their ability to deliver the right message at the right time, and to the right audience. We can make sure your restaurant does this, and can also develop social media marketing strategies which take full advantage of highly interactive and functional social media platforms.
  3. Events: What better way is there to gain a competitive edge and generate a buzz than to gain the support of expert critics and bloggers? We can set up events at your venue, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your best dishes to critics who have high credibility, and a huge audience of potential customers.
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