1001 Optical

1001 Optical is one of Australia's leading prescription eye wear stores, with 18 different locations across NSW, Queensland, and Victoria. In 2015, HIN Group organised and managed a number of marketing initiatives for 1001 Optical, primarily aimed at boosting sales and improving online and international awareness. These initiatives were highly successful. HIN Group organised and ran a Youtube video campaign which was targeted towards building awareness for 1001 Optical's Starlen Colour Contact Lens brand, involving the use of a highly well-known video blogger. This video achieved its target, reaching a quarter of a million views worldwide in the space of six weeks, and significantly improving international sales in countries such as the US. HIN Group also ran an online voucher campaign, which provided 1001 Optical with nearly a thousand new e-mail addresses for building a new database for future EDM campaigns. Furthermore, HIN Group improved 1001 Optical's international sales and online presence through an online awareness promotion targeted towards university students in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore.