How we can help you

Your business is following its own unique path. At HIN Group, we recognise that you and your business will have its own unique needs and requirements, individually applicable to your firm's internal and external environment. HIN Group have the knowledge and resources available to provide customised support and solutions for your business, regardless of its size, stage of growth, or industry. Furthermore, our success is your success, which means that our business solutions are results driven. Our areas of expertise include:


HIN Group can ease the process of business expansion. Whether you are eager to expand your client base, enter a new market, introduce a new product or service, or enter a new industry, we can ensure this process is smooth and uncomplicated. We provide solutions for:
• Business portfolio strategy
• M&A, divestitures, and alliances
• Finance and capital decisions for expansion opportunities


Businesses can never stand still, and innovation is a crucial component of longterm success. HIN Group can help your business reach its growth potential by:
• Identifying breakthrough growth opportunities and gaps in the current market
• Developing a future research-and-development strategy specific to your firm
• Assessing your current business portfolio and reallocating resources to ensure your firm meets growth targets


A maturing domestic market, growing international markets, and opportunities for cost reduction can make offshore expansion highly enticing for your business. Here's how HIN Group can facilitate globalisation:
• Generating exposure for your business through awareness-driven marketing campaigns via relevant and effective local mediums
• Capturing organic growth opportunities through the development of effective offshore business partnerships and affiliations
• Utilisation of our partnership with offshore government agencies


Technology is a crucial driver of business success, and it is crucial that your business optimises technology in a way that improves both internal productivity, as well as the customer experience with your business. Our IT team can maximise the effectiveness of technology for your business through:
• Development and design of a highly usable, informative and interactive website
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities that will ensure your website is visible and easily found by potential customers
• Optimisation of your firm's social media profiles


HIN Group can provide solutions for your firm's Human Resource and organisational design needs through:
• The establishment of more effective business processes which optimise the effectiveness of your firm's human resources, and which maximise the individual skills and capabilities of each employee
• Assisting in the development of a strong corporate culture
• Enhancing leadership capabilities, Mentoring & Coaching
• Assisting with change management


Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental and social issues. For this reason, a commitment to environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial for modern businesses. HIN Group can help your firm by:
• Establishing strategies which demonstrate your firm's commitment to CSR
• Developing an alternative-energy-supply scheme


Our team have a great depth of experience in the organisation and management of a broad range of conferences and events. HIN Group have the expertise and resources fit to manage any event; from seminars and conferences, to trade shows, networking, and team building exercises. Our event management is highly comprehensive, and includes:
• Concept development
• Core creative activities
• Development and management of event budget
• Conference logistics
• Invitation and RSVP process
• Event marketing communications
• Sponsors and exhibitors
• Sourcing and Contracting venues
• Managing third party vendors and suppliers, such as caterers, live entertainment, transportation, branded merchandise and special activities


HIN Group can provide innovative and effective solutions to your marketing needs, whether you wish to outsource your business's entire marketing function to our experienced team, or simply seek help on a lone project. Our team of forward-thinking marketing professionals have a wealth of experience in a number of marketing fields. At HIN Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide marketing solutions which are uniquely applicable to each of our individual clients.
We can help you with:

Social Media Marketing
Ethnic Marketing
Public Relations
Creative Services
Influencer Management