About Us

HIN Group is an Australian conglomerate of brands and businesses, with a foot print in many industries. HIN Group operations as a group with core professional service offerings such as Marketing, PR and IT consulting as well as its own brands and businesses.

HIN Group’s unique proposition includes ethnic marketing, event management, business process re-engineering and consulting/managed services for helping foreign businesses to commercialise and prosper in the Australian economy.

Our Vision:

The world is changing rapidly, we must embrace change. We explore the meaning of existence, why do we do things and live this way? We are here to help society adapt to the changes, everyday challenges and balance their lifestyle.

HIN Group want to make a difference to the world, improve the things that can be done better and put a smile to those that are not smiling everyday. We provide a lifestyle where everyone can eat, drink and play!

Our Mission Statement:

“To make an impact, to change and to add value to our society and those in need in order to create the perfect lifestyle.”

Our core values;

  • To change and add value to our society.
  • To do everything with passion.
  • To be proud of and invest in talent.